The Ubuntu event of the year

Join us at the UbuCon Summit for two days of Ubuntu talks by the best experts in the community and to discuss and shape the future of Ubuntu.

The Summit is the evolution of UbuCon as a bigger a multi-track, multi-day event to learn, share and collaborate around Ubuntu as a project. 

In Pasadena, CA, on 2-3 March 2017

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Day 1: the conference

The first day of the Summit is devoted to two parallel tracks of content. Listen to different speakers talk about the state of the art and future of Ubuntu, how it has evolved, new technologies and the exciting things you can do with an OS that is growing more each day.

User track

The user track will have sessions that will interest most Ubuntu users and advocates. From how-tos to sharing experiences, talks in the User track will help you understand the values we have at core.

Developer track

The developer track will focus on content interesting to those who want to take the next step and get more involved with code. Whether you want to help packaging software or creating Snaps, it will have a bit for every developer.

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Day 2: the unconference

Ubuntu would not be as big as it is right now without all the contributors around the world sharing knowledge and ideas. That is why we want you to run the unconference. We will start the day with an open schedule, which the attendees will fill according to what they think are the most interesting and valuable discussions.


Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are‘. Hearing everyone's ideas is just the first step of making great software.


Community is the most important part of Ubuntu. You will be able to collaborate with community members from around the world, who are here to bring Ubuntu forward.


Once discussion and collaboration have taken place, we need to map the items we need to work on. Let's make sure we have everything to make our ideas become reality.

The organization team

The UbuCon Summit is the evolution of the first UbuCon conference held at SCALE in 2008 and run each year since then by the Ubuntu California team.

The idea of expanding the event to a bigger Summit to bring back some of the spirit of the former Ubuntu Developer Summit and face-to-face collaboration was first brainstormed in the months coming to UbuCon 2014.

Following that thread, the vision for the Summit was defined at the Community Leadership Summit 2015 in discussions including members of the Community Council, the California LoCo, the Community Team at Canonical, SCALE organizers and former Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon.

Today, the UbuCon Summit is brought to you by a passionate team of organizers in the Ubuntu California LoCo, the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical and SCALE, who hope you enjoy it and contribute to the event as much as we are planning to :-)

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