The first international UbuCon in Europe

18th to 20th November 2016

UbuCon Europe 2016 is the first conference dedicated to the European Ubuntu community. Look forward to two days full of talks, workshops, demos, exhibitions and (hopefully) great food! Social events in the evenings will give you the opportunity to meet fellow community members and visit some of Essen's most beautiful sights!

What is it about?

UbuCon Europe is a conference on everything that is related to Ubuntu and Open Source Software. Join the conference if you are interested in:

  • Getting familiar with Ubuntu and all its flavors and subprojects,
  • Presenting showcases for everything (flavors, projects, commercial products etc.) based on Ubuntu,
  • An open and vivid athmosphere to discuss ideas an projects with members of the Ubuntu community from all over Europe and
  • Learning and having fun!

How to get involved?

The UbuCon Europe is open for everyone who has something interesting to tell about Ubuntu or Open Source Software or just wants to listen to interesting talks.


For the further plannings we opened a registration form where everyone who wants to attend the event should register. There will be fee to attend the UbuCon Europe, but that fee includes food and drinks on both day. While we don't have a fixed entrance fee yet, we can assure that it wont be more than 30€.

Register now


Where will it be take place?

The UbuCon Europe 2016 will take place in the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany from 18th to 20th November 2016! The Unperfekthaus is located in middle of Essen which is located in the heart of the metropolitan area Rhine-Ruhr – one of the largest metropolitan area in Europe.

Friday – Day 1: Coming together

Ubuntu is not only an operating system. Friday is the first day which will be just about all the social aspects of the conference! 

The social event starts at 19:00 in the restaurant at the ground floor of the Unperfekthaus. Everyone who attends has to pay 6,90€ entrance fee, which includes soft- and hot drinks. You'll be able to eat something from the buffet for addtional 15,00€. Both has to be paid to the restaurant directly. We've reserved 60 seats!

Saturday & Sunday – Day 2 & 3: Talks and Workshops

We have a lot of talks with different topics from a lot of speakers. You can view the schedule for the details. The event starts with the keynote of Canonical CEO Jane Silber, followed by a talk about the snap packaging system from David Planella. On both days we have talks and workshops in up to five slots.

On saturday you'll also have the chance to take an exam from the LPI for a reduced price. Check our sub-page for further details!

Social Event

The second social event takes place in the winter garden of the Unperfekthaus. We've ordered another buffet with drinks (hot, soft, alcoholic). It'll cost another 20€. See our registration page for more details.

The social event starts at 19:00 and the buffet opens at 19:30 and the party ends at around 1:00.

The organization team

The UbuCon 2016 in Germany will be the 10th Ubucon that takes places in Germany. To celebrate this anniversary, the German UbuCon starts together with friends from all over Europe to establish UbuCon Europe. The UbuCon Europe is supposed to become the annual event for all European Ubuntu users and enthusiasts that will move around in Europe – and maybe, one day the UbuCon will be in your country.

The UbuCon Europe is brought to you by the  ubuntu Deutschland e.V..

UbuCon Europe sponsors

If you would like to become a sponsor, please get in touch ›