The UbuCon Europe 2017 in Paris Registration

Currently not registration are open. You can still see below how it was set last year in Essen.

Note: The access to the event will be free of charge.


We have set up a registration form for the upcoming UbuCon Europe 2016 in Essen, Germany. Your registration will help the organizers to estimate the number of participants and to ensure the proper supply of food and drink for everybody.

A ticket for the conference is EUR 30,00.

Participation in the whole conference and includes lunch (buffet) as well as soft and hot drinks on both days.

A ticket for the Social Event on Saturday is EUR 20,00.

Additional participation in the evening event and includes dinner (buffet) as well as soft and hot drinks, beer, wine (and other alcoholic drinks). The Social Event is limited to 100 participants and only making a bank transfer in advance will get you a seat booked.

Both tickets are reduced – thanks to our sponsors! If you want to support our event yourself consider transferring the unreduced fees of EUR 50,00 for the conference ticket and EUR 45,00 for the Social Event on Saturday.

Payment Overview

Ticket-Type Price
Friday Museum 7-10€ (depends on attendance)
Friday Social-Event 6,90€ (Drinks) + 15€ (Dinner)
Saturday Social-Event 20€ (Drinks + Dinner)
Conference Pass (Saturday+Sunday) 30€ (Lunch)

Please transfer fees before the 14th of November to the following account:

ubuntu Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE95 8306 5408 0004 9087 67 (Deutsche Skatbank)
For proper identification of your transfer please specify a reference/description with “ubucon”, your name and if paying for the Social Event. For example:

“ubucon John Doe with social event”

You can pay cash at the venue, but we prefer a payment by transfer in advance.

Both tickets are reduced – thanks to our sponsors! If you want to support our event and don't want a reduced ticket, you can transfer 50€ for the conference ticket and 45€ for social event on saturday. You can also pay in cash at the venue, but we prefer if you pay in advance.

Day tickets

The UbuCon Europe 2016 is an open conference at the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany. If you pay the regular fee at the box office you are also welcome to just stop by and join our conference there. Regular admission fees are EUR 6,90 for a single entry and EUR 11,90 for a day pass. Soft and hot drinks included, but you will not get a conference badge and access to the buffet. For day tickets no registration is required.

Register now!