The UbuCon Europe takes place at the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany from 18th to 20th November!

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 18
45127 Essen


Prices and availability of the accomodations in Essen strongly depend on exhibitions/trade fairs taking place in Essen and Duesseldorf. Booking early is strongly advised.

You can book your accomodation individually or use the service of the Tourist Information (make sure to refine your search to "Essen Innenstadt").

A map of the hotels in the center of Essen can be found here.

Notable is the Unperfekthotel, which is a next door acomodation to the Unperfekthaus.

Travel information

Air travel

The Unperfekthaus is located in the center of the city of Essen. As part of the metropolitan area Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan, Essen can be easily reached via several airports:


  • A42 and A2 (Essener Norden)
  • A40 Bochum, Dortmund
  • A40 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Duisburg
  • A52 Düsseldorf


  • There is a car park on top of the shopping center "Limbecker Platz" right on the front side of the Unperfekthaus.
  • chices Parkhaus (Open 6:00 - 20:30, Exit: 24/7)

Public transportation

Essen has metro lines, trams and busses. The Unperfekthaus is centrally located and nearby the station "Berliner Platz" (journey planner). It is reached by the following lines from central station:

Subway ("U-Bahn"): U11, U17, U18

Tram:                          101, 103, 105, 106, 109

Bus:                             SB16, 145, 166.

To reach the Unperfekthaus from the Berliner Platz, you best pass through the shopping mall Limbecker Platz, as it is directly on the other side, in direction to the city center.

For a good overview of Essens public transport, we recommend the following maps:
    Journey- and prices planner

Public transport fares:

In Essen and the region, the prices of the "VRR" apply.
When travelling only within the city of Essen, price level A is the right choice.
Generally, the usage of all forms of public transport is allowed, as is switching between them, once you buy a ticket (exceptions are long-distance trains like ICE, IC, CNL, HKX).

Public transport prices:

  • Short trip (max. 3 stops, no switching, no regional trains): €1,60
  • Standard trip (up to 90 min, switching between all forms of transportation allowed): €2,60
  • There also is a ticket for four standard trips ("Viererticket"), which can result in a small saving.
  • If you stay for 24/48/72 hours and want to use the public transport in Essen, plus want to have some discounts at the activities we recommend (see below), take the Essen Welcome Card for 9€/14€/19€.

The other option is that you walk 1,5km from Essen Hauptbahnhof (Essen Central Station) to the Unperfekthaus!


All taxis in Essen cost the same, there is only one price. 
For cost estimations, one can use this website.