UbuCon Paris (aka Paris Ubuntu Party)

Every six months, the french Ubuntu LoCo organizes the parisian Ubuntu Party. Not only the biggest french Ubuntu event, it's also the biggest FOSS event in France, with thousands of guests and more than a hundred volunteers.

Beyond attending the many talks and demos, you can also come with your laptop and have Ubuntu installed at the (often full) Install Party.

To get started with Ubuntu or learn new skills, the event proposes several workshops. Participation is free of charge.

Paris Ubuntu Party 15.10

The Paris Ubuntu Party 15.10 took place at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie on the 28th and 29th november. It was ran by 144 volunteers and welcomed 1700 visitors.


Visitors were able to attend 8 workshops and 21 talks in french and english about many technical and community aspects of Ubuntu, but also about Free Software in general, politics and FOSS, privacy, IOT, supercomputing, Wikimedia, Firefox, etc.

You can find the complete schedule at http://ubuntu-paris.org/programme/.


Then event was covered by a webradio and most of the talks were livestreamed.

They are now available at http://media.ubuntu-paris.org/.

UbuCon Paris has its own website where you can learn more about the event!

Check out the UbuCon Paris site!