Main talks

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Opening keynote

by Mark Shuttleworth | Topics: Futures, IoT, Cloud, Snappy, Convergence, Community

Ubuntu’s founder will portray the present areas of focus and vision for the future as Ubuntu's adoption continues to grow for large scale deployments, the Internet of things and the mobile space.

Designing for Convergence

by John Lea | Topics: Design, Convergence

Ubuntu’s vision for the future of user interfaces is ‘Convergence’. This talk will discuss what convergence is, how convergence is driving the design of Ubuntu, and the new design considerations introduced when working in a converged UI environment.

Building a Career with Ubuntu and FOSS

by Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph | Topics: Community, Careers, FOSS

The Ubuntu community offers a vast number of places to get involved and much of this volunteer work directly translates into skills that can be then used in a technical career. This talk will cover these opportunities within the Ubuntu community including building up a body of programming work, improving writing and documentation skills, software packaging, event planning, community building and systems administration.

It will conclude with how these skills directly translate into real world experience for many of us who are now paid to work on free and open source software.

Beyond building Ubuntu phone apps

by Stuart Langridge | Topics: Apps, Development, Phone, Mobile, Payments

We'll discuss how to add analytics to your Ubuntu phone apps, but still do so in a respectful way and without giving information to third-parties, by using your own Piwik installation to collect data and graph it.

We'll discuss advertising in apps, and how to do it when you're not developing for one of the main platforms such as Android or iOS and so you don't have access to a provided "native SDK".

We'll discuss payment for apps and how you can do it with Ubuntu, and what information the store gives you about purchases.

Ubuntu redux

by Jono Bacon | Topics: Community, Governance, Leadership, Futures

For over ten years, the Ubuntu project has had a consistent flow of releases and a strong community. From Day 1 the community was a core part of what made Ubuntu special. In 2006, Jono Bacon joined as Ubuntu Community Manager, working for nearly 8 years before he left in 2014.

In this new presentation, Bacon shares the history of Ubuntu and delves into his view of the community and how it has adjusted since he left Canonical. Bacon will also provide recommendations for new areas of focus and opportunity in Ubuntu.

This presentation will get into fresh perspectives on Ubuntu, the market that it competes in, the governance and leadership structure, and areas of opportunity. It will be an honest, frank, and diverse look at where Ubuntu sits in the world today and what could be in store for the future.

Writing your first Juju Charm

by Marco Ceppi | Topics: Cloud, Juju, Charms

Okay, so you have read up all the background info on what a charm is, how it works, and what parts of the charm do what, now it is time to dust off your favourite code editor and get charming!

This session will dive deep into what it takes to get started writing charms using your favorite language or configuration management tool. We'll go over how to reuse prexisting layers to build a testable, repeatable, benchmarkable, and observable charm that will run on any cloud.

Internet of Things gets 'snappy' with Ubuntu Core

by Manik Taneja and Sergio Schvezov | Topics: IoT, Snappy, Core, Snapcraft

Snappy Ubuntu Core is the new rendition of Ubuntu, designed from the ground up to power the next generation of IoT devices. The same Ubuntu and its vast ecosystem, but delivered in a leaner form, with state-of-the art security and reliable update mechanisms to ensure devices and apps are always up-to-date.

This talk will introduce Ubuntu Core, the technologies of its foundations and the developer experience with Snapcraft. We will also discuss how public and branded stores can kickstart a thriving app ecosystem and how Ubuntu meets the needs of connected device manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Ubuntu phone and the road to convergence

by David Planella | Topics: Convergence, Phone, Mobile, Apps

The story of the creation of the Ubuntu phone, growing a developer ecosystem and a vibrant community along the way. The road ahead will also be layed out explaining the plans and progress on device convergence and the Ubuntu codebase roadmap.

The future of Ubuntu

by Nathan Haines | Topics: Convergence, Desktop, Phone, Snappy

Ubuntu is everywhere today: desktops, servers, clouds, phones and tablets. As its reach spreads across so many devices, work is being done behind the scenes to make sure that one single Ubuntu codebase can provide a unique experience for each form factor.

Why is this important? How much work is involved? Can a single operating system really run on phones and desktops? How will this change the Ubuntu desktop?

This talk will explain the various technologies that deliver Ubuntu, from Debian, click, and snappy packages, system images, atomic updates, and more, and show how a single Ubuntu is emerging that can truly run any Ubuntu program anywhere. And best of all, you’ll learn exactly what this means for you.

Ubuntu Leadership Panel

with Mark Shuttleworth, Nathan Haines, David Planella, Jono Bacon, Michael Hall, Oliver Ries, Daniel Holbach and more | Topics: Ubuntu Leadership, Community

Panel discussion about leadership and direction of the Ubuntu project. The audience will be able to interact with some of the key leaders in Ubuntu by proposing topics or asking questions Q&A style


  • Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder
  • Oliver Ries, Director of Engineering, Ubuntu Personal
  • David Planella, Ubuntu Community Team Manager
  • Daniel Holbach, Ubuntu Community Council Member
  • Michael Hall, Ubuntu Community Council Member
  • Nathan Haines, Ubuntu LoCo Council Member
  • Elizabeth K. Joseph, Former Ubuntu Community Council Member
  • José Antonio Rey, UbuCon Latin America Organizer

Moderator: Jono Bacon

Marvin: test your Ubuntu apps on phones you haven't got

by Alan Pope and Stuart Langridge | Topics: Phone, Apps, Marvin

During the talk Alan & Stuart will detail why Marvin exists, how it was developed and how it can be used. There will also be discussion of future features, and an opportunity for questions.

Lightning talks

The Sputnik story:  Innovation at a large company -- a possibility or an oxymoron?

by Barton George | Topics: Sputnik, Developer, Dell, Innovation, Desktop

How do you innovate at a multiple-billion dollar company that may not be as nimble as it once was.   The Dell XPS 13 laptop, developer edition began life as “Project Sputnik” a scrappy skunkworks project to pilot an Ubuntu-based developer platform.

Thanks to the power of the community, this concept went from project to product in a little over 6 months.   Although the progress was quick it was not easy and the small team came up against a lot of resistance and often hostility.  Come hear about the lumps they took and the 5 key lessons they took away.

Ubuntu as a developer platform

by Didier Roche | Topics: Desktop, Developer

Ubuntu is well-known in the user and server space. However, what is less known is that a lot of developers are using it to target multiple platforms. Ubuntu Make is an effort in delivering the best developer experience for popular platforms by always shipping latest upstream tools on the LTS. It supports among many other Android development (Android Studio, SDK/NDK), Game development (Unity3D, stencyl), Web development (Visual Studio Code, Webstorm, dart), multiple languages (Go, Rust, Scala…) and popular IDEs (jebrains' Intellij, Eclipse, Netbeans…).

We will present the focus on the project, what we did achieve thanks to the community and what we put in place to ensure we keep quality on those moving targets.

Gaming on Ubuntu

by Jorge Castro | Topics: Gaming, Desktop

It has begun. Steam Big Picture mode has matured, the controller is shipping, and AAA game makers are now shipping great games for our platform and drivers are getting better. But how do you get started? What pitfalls should you avoid? Is this ready for me or a friend? Come hang out and let's talk gaming!

Hands-on demo: creating Ubuntu snaps with Snapcraft

by Sergio Schvezov | Topics: Snappy, IoT, Snapcraft

Overview the snapcraft features and demo how easily a snap can be created using multiple parts from different sources. We will also show how to create a plugin for unhandled source types.

Kubuntu development

by Scarlett Clark | Topics: Kubuntu, Flavours, Developers

A day in the life of being a Kubuntu Developer. I will describe our current workflow in packaging KDE in a CI environment, moving to debian git to increase collaboration with packaging the massive KDE package set.

Labdoo: Ubuntu for your old used notebook in developing countries

by Sujeevan Vijayakumaran | Topics: Labdoo, Developing countries, Activism

Labdoo is an organisation which focuses to prepare, fix and deliver old used laptops and computers to schools and other educational facilities in developing countries.

You all probably have one or more old laptop in your family, which was used for a couple of years but are now pretty old and slow. Labdoo tries to revive all those laptops by using Open Source Software.

The project is completely run by volunteers, who make sure that the laptops go to the right place. Additionally everybody can help! 

Ubuntu convergence demo

by Michael Hall | Topics: Convergence, Phone, Tablet, Desktop

Ubuntu is moving towards a converged future, where all of your devices run the same OS, the same apps and the same data.

Your phone can become your desktop when you plug it in to a monitor, your convertable tablet will intelligently adapt to the availablity of a keyboard, and anything can become HTPC when connected to a TV. One interface, adapting to many form-factors, that's convergence with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu community Q&A

by Richard Gaskin and Nathan Haines | Topics: Community, Q&A

In this open Q&A session, attendees are invited to bring any questions they have about Ubuntu.  Whether you're looking for a particular type of application, want to know how to find Ubuntu events in your area, tips on hardware compatibility, or anything else, Nathan and Richard are on hand to help.

UbuCon unconference introduction

by Alan Pope | Topics: Community, Unconference

In this talk we will introduce how the unconference part of UbuCon works, how to submit, present and get sessions scheduled. Additionally, we will share best practices on how to run a good session and how to make the most of sessions as a participant.

Unconference session presentations

by Jorge Castro | Topics: Community, Unconference

This is where the unconference begins: you can make it happen! Session topics will submitted by attendees in person, who will then introduce them to the audience. Following the presentations, the UbuCon crew will put together the schedule.