Social Event saturday

It will be an espicha, the saturday 28 April 2018 in the restaurant Tierra Astur, in front of the sea.

Remember to register as attendee too!!


And what is an espicha? ;)
In Asturies tasting cider has been turned into a festival, a festival that was given the name of the piece of wood used as a stopper in the barrel. It is also the only culture where cider is poured in the customary fashion, locally called echada and this act of pouring is a mixture of science, technique, spectacle and ritual. As a result, this traditional event has a format that has been passed down from generation to generation.
This usually takes place in what is called a llagar (the place where cider is produced).
The main drink, and the one poured directly from the barrel to the glass, is cider.
The accompaniment is a menu which has no shortage of home-style sausages, cooked ham, Spanish omelette, boiled eggs, cured meats, Asturian cheeses, etc.
The most important thing is to eat, drink and and socialise with everyone, honest fun.



How to reserve? Sending a bank transfer directly to the restaurant for reserving your place. Limited places! Reservation by payment order.

  • Price: € 22.50 / person (sent one transfer for each person).
  • Bank account (IBAN): ES23 3059 0098 7229 6906 8424
  • Name of the bank account: Quesos del principado de Asturias
  • In the Payment description, very important, please include this information:
    • First and last name of the person.
    • The word "UBUCON".
    • If you require a special menu, append it at the end:
      • "CA" for celiacs.
      • "FS" for allergic to nuts.
      • "PM" for allergic to fish and/or shellfish.
      • "VG" for vegans and vegatarians.
      • "CHILD" for children's menu (Only for children). The price is € 15, the menu is this. 

For example, in the payment description would be: Mark Shuttleworth UBUCON.

If Mark would be vegan, in the payment description would be: Mark Shuttleworth UBUCON VG.

If Mark would pay for his son Peter, in the payment description would be: Peter Shuttleworth UBUCON CHILD.


The menu (English | Asturian | Spanish):

Asturian three cheeses board
Llargueru de tres quesos asturianos
Tabla de tres quesos asturianos

Cured beef
Cecina de xata
Cecina de vaca

Mixed salad
Ensalada mista
Ensalada mixta

Spanish omelette
Tortilla patates
Tortilla de patata

Cured chorizo in cider sauce
Chorizu na sidre
Chorizos a la sidra

Corn torto with roasted ham
Tortu con xamón asáu na sidre
Torto de jamón asado a la sidra

Garlic scrambled eggs with fried cod
Güevos esgonciaos con fritos de bacaláu
Huevos rotos con fritos de bacalao

Roasted chicken in cider sauce
Pitu asáu na sidre
Pollo asado a la sidra

Caramelized rice-milk pudding
Arroz con lleche requemáu
Arroz con leche requemado