The UbuCon Europe 2017 in Paris Speakers

2017 lineup

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Past speaker

Below you can see the 2016 lineup in Essen:

Jane Silber

Talk: Keynote

The first Keynote speaker at UbuCon Europe is Jane Silber. She is the CEO of Canonical since 2010. She joined the company back in 2004 and lead different teams and projects before she became the CEO.

Michael Hall

Talk: Digging Deep into snapcraft

Michael Hall is an open source software developer, community manager and technology evangelist. He has extensive experience in developing desktop and web-based software in a large variety of languages and frameworks, and contributes to a number of open source projects and communities. He currently works for Canonical, maker of the popular Ubuntu operating system, as a community manager and developer advocate.

Alan Pope

Talk: TBD

Alan has been a user of Ubuntu and active contributor to the project since 2006. He's held numerous leadership positions within the Ubuntu project and more recently started working for Canonical on Ubuntu Phone software. He's recently worked in supporting new users, reviewing code, testing applications and mentoring new users and developers. Alan likes cats.

Malte Lantin

Talk: Bash on Ubuntu on Windows - the why, what and how

Malte Lantin is a Technical Evangelist within the Developer Experience (DX) group at Microsoft Germany. Currently his main focus area is Microsoft's Azure Cloud Platform, Web Development and Microsoft Edge. He started his career at Microsoft as a Product Manager for Microsoft Azure in 2010 and has been following the development of the platform since then.

Sujeevan Vijayakumaran

Talk: Automation with Jenkins 2.0

Sujeevan Vijayakumaran is a student from Germany. As a long time participant in the Ubuntu Community, he is part of the team who organizes UbuCon DE, the biggest Ubuntu event in Germany.

Christian Dywan

Talk:  Developing Ubuntu apps across form factors

This individual is hacking on the UI Toolkit for Ubuntu phone, as a part of the SDK team. Or hacking on the Midori browser. Or using Xfce. Or telling random strangers about why open source is amazing. Outside of open source, tea and traveling the world play an important role in their life.

Nathan Haines

Talk: Advocacy for Advocates

Nathan Haines is an author, instructor, speaker, and computer consultant who fell in love with Ubuntu in 2005, and helped found the Ubuntu California Local Community Team to share that excitement with others. As a current leader of Ubuntu California and a member of the Ubuntu Local Community Council, he works to help others share Ubuntu worldwide.

When not working with computers, he's more than likely admiring the latest Nintendo hardware, wishing he had more time for retro console and PC gaming, and indulging in linguistic curiosity by studying German or dabbling in Old English or Tolkien's constructed Elvish languages. The queue of scifi and fantasy books on his Kindle is probably growing instead of shrinking, although sometimes camping trips help with that.

Daniel Holbach

Talk: Creating your first snap

Open Source enthusiast, DJ, living in Berlin, lover of good things

Veit Jahns

Talk: On social bots

Veit Jahns works as a software architects in the field of Enterprise Content Management as well as does research in the field of interoperability of information systems. In addition to these activities, he likes to give talks on any subject he finds interesting, as he did in the past on UbuCons.

Marcos Costales

Talk: uNav

Marcos Costales is one of the developer of uNav and a very active Ubuntu community member

Jose Antonio Rey

Talk: Juju: No more staying awake overnight, your cloud in just a couple taps (or clicks!)

Ubuntu Member living in Peru. Works on community advocacy around the world, as well as cloud orchestration. Author of the Official Ubuntu Book 8th and 9th editions.

Ralf Hamm

Talk: e.V.

Ralf Hamm is the fist chairman of e.V.. It's the charitable German Labdoo association. He's also the coordinator of in the German speaking countries. is a collaborative project that allows people around the world to participate in the global mission of carrying their unused laptops to needy schools without incurring any environmental nor economic costs.

Ulrich Moser

Talk: Energiesparenden Büro IT mit Raspberry Pi 2 und Ubuntu MATE

Ulrich Moser ist Linux-Anwender seit der Slackware Version 0.98 und seit der Version 10.04 LTS Ubuntu Anwender. Im Hauptberuf ist er Unternehmerberater und war lange Jahre als Senior Solution Architect in heterogenen Umgebungen mit hohem Linux-Anteil tätig. Zudem hat er eine mehr als 20 jährige Erfahrung als Hochschuldozent, Trainer und Vortragender.

Marius Gripsgård

Talk: Ubuntu touch - porting

Marius Gripsgård is the creator and leader of the Ubports project. He has ported Ubuntu touch to numerous devices like Oneplus one, Fairphone 2 and Oneplus x to name a few. He's also active in the Ubuntu community and a person that likes to talk. He also likes cats :)

Laura Czajkowski

Talk: Dealing with cultural diversity and internal advocacy within a distributed team

Talk: How to include non-technical contributors in technical projects

Laura Czajkowski is Developer Community Manager at Couchbase where she works with the developer advocates growing and engaging with the open source developer community.

Elizabeth K. Joseph

Talk: Building a career with Ubuntu and FOSS

Talk: Contributing to Ubuntu on Desktops

Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Senior Automation and Tools Engineer working on the OpenStack Infrastructure team. She spent six years on the Ubuntu Community Council, has held various roles in the Ubuntu community and is the co-author of The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th and 9th Editions. At home in San Francisco, she sits on the Board of Directors for, a non-profit in California providing Ubuntu-based computers to schools in need. And also she's an Ubuntu member.

  • Ubuntu Community

Philip Ballew

Talk: Customizing the Ubuntu Desktop

Talk: Why I don’t like using Ubuntu and why I still love it

Philip Ballew is an active Open Source advocate in the greater Open Source community. Philip is currently heavily involved in the Ubuntu project, and he spends most of his time contributing to this project through promotion of Ubuntu, speaking on Ubuntu at conferences, and occasionally writing books on Ubuntu. When Philip is not contributing to Open Source, he can be found riding his bike, dancing badly, or making more friends in this world.

Adrian Böhmichen

Talk: SMS unter Linux

Quiz: Ubucon Quiz

Adrian ist Unternehmensberater und hat über 10 Jahre Linux Erfahrung. Angefangen mit Debian 3 und mit Hoary Hedgehog zu Ubuntu gewechselt und dabei fast immer geblieben. Als weiteres ist er einige Jahre bei ubuntuusers im Wiki Team und Forum (als AdrianB) aktiv gewesen.

Sebastian Bator

Talk: Automatisierte Systemadministration mit Ansible

Sebastian betreut 50 Debian Server in Berlin und ist in der dortigen Ubuntu Community aktiv.


Marcel Schlitzer

Talk: System programming with Rust

I'm 21 years old and started working officially as a programmer this year.

Rudy (cm-t)

Talk: Yübåntû

Mostly active in the french LoCo team, I've attended many event like Ubuntu Party (kind of UbuCon), Ubuntu booth or Webcafé in events such as festival (music, tech, not tech) , install parties, ubuntu hours.

Pavel Machek

Talk: Mainline kernel on a cellphone

Long time kernel hacker, hibernation maintainer,currently playing with embedded hardware.

Florian Winkler

Talk: Passwort-Manager im Multi-Device-Setup - Nutzung und Synchronisierung einer zentralen Passwort-Datenbank

Florian Winkler ist für die B1 Systems GmbH als Linux Consultant und Trainer tätig. Sein Herz schlägt für Open Source. In seiner Freizeit wirft und verschießt er Pfeile.

Jeroen Baten

Talk: LibrePlan, open source projectmanagement and you

My name is Jeroen Baten. I have been involved in Open Source since I got my hands on a CD-ROM with Linux 0.98pl12 on it.I have written 11 books about Linux (LPI studyguides and management books (to exmplain open source to managers) ).I have given over 100 lectures on Open Source and Linux.And, truth be told, my favorite distribution is Ubuntu (yes, for real!)

Olivier Paroz

Talk: Here's Nextcloud: evolution of open source file sync, sharing and more

Olivier is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Nextcloud GmbH. He's been promoting the use of Open Source Software based solutions for the whole of his career as a Business and Technology Consultant in industries as diverse as telecom, media, insurance, retail, broadcasting, sports and science while also fighting for the consumerisation of IT security and the right for privacy! He started using Kubuntu 10 years ago, when it became his Linux distribution of choice for the desktop. He's also always keen to try new things both indoor and outdoors and has recently built a few snaps of his own for the Nextcloud Box running Ubuntu Core.

Fernando Lanero Barbero

Talk: Linux is education, Linux is science. Ubuntu to free educational environments

Employmen: Highschool computer science teacher in Spain.
References of my previous works and talks: UbuConLA Colombia 2014 talk: Linux es Educación. Linux es Ciencia. Migración de un colegio desde Windows XP a Ubuntu
UbuCon Paris 2015 talk: Linux pour l'éducation, Linux pour la science. Ubuntu pour libérer les écoles
uNav spanish voices contributor:
UbuConLA Peru 2016:
Opensource Observatory. European Commission: School: open source reduces PC troubleshooting
Framablog: Fin du support XP, un collège espagnol migre vers Ubuntu
Softpedia: Spanish University Drops Windows and Gets Ubuntu
Tuxjournal: Un’università spagnola abbandona Windows e passa a Linux
Muy Linux: “La migración de nuestro colegio a Ubuntu ha sido un éxito rotundo”
Ubuntu León Administrator:

Cornelius Kölbel

Talk: Migrate to a truely open Authentication System: privacyIDEA

For over ten years Cornelius is working in ield of two factor authentication. He covers one time passwords, smartcards and certificates, PKI and hardware security modules. He worked in heterogenous enterprise environments. But his heart started beating for Open Source - especially Linux - more than 20 years ago. In 2014 he started the project privacyIDEA to provide an enterprise ready, competetive OSS solution for two factor authentication.

Thibaut Rouffineau

Talk: Internet of Continuously Updated Things

Thibaut heads the devices marketing team at Canonical. He has been active
in the mobile, telecom, software world for the past 15 years as an
all-rounder from the research labs, to the telecom shelter, from core
network to core OS, from photons to airwaves and from product management to
community strategy.

Richard Albrecht

Talk: Sicheres Backup, rsync, ssh und LUKS im Team

Richard Albrecht, Jahrgang 1949, verheiratet, 3 Kinder, Physiker

Mit Linux arbeite ich seit 2006.
Seit 2006 helfe ich älteren Menschen und denen, die sich am PC nicht gut 
auskennen, beim Umstieg nach GNU/Linux/Ubuntu.
Ich bin in den Linux User Groups in München-Ottobrunn und Zittau aktiv.

Felix Kronlage

Talk: Dr. Restless or how I stopped worrying about not having proper infrastructure docs at hand!

IT infrastructure, linux, bsd as well as hetergenous environments combined with proper tooling have 
been part of felix professional work since the late 90s. bytemine provides premier serices around 
a large variety of open source stacks and loves to make sure your infrastructure feels good.


André Niemann

Talk: The men in the middle

André is active in the Open Source Scene since ten year, studies something with Computers with a focus on Network and IT-Security topics. He earns the money to attend differen conference through services around (Linux) Server-Administration.